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Mission Scripture:Exodus 4:11-12".....Who gives man his mouth?  Who makes him deaf or mute?  Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, The Lord?  Go now! I will help you to speak and tell you what to say."
   Whether typing on her computer keyboard, popping out tunes at the piano, or exercising her vocal chords, Laurel Jean Walden seems to constantly be “on key.” She is an accomplished recording artist, composer/writer, vocalist, pianist, and motivational speaker, and dedicates her life to presenting God’s message with her music for God's kids of all ages. Her music takes on several different styles, such as gospel, comedy, blues, jazz, and country and includes many of her own original compositions. In her limited spare time, some of Laurel Jean's other favorite activities include walking/hiking, tandem biking and bowling.

   Blind since birth, Laurel Jean first illustrated her musical talents at the ripe old age of 2, when she ambled up to her first piano and began plunking out tunes. She waited until she became 5 before taking her first formal music lessons, specializing in keyboard and voice from all genres. She began her professional career at 14, producing her first album while still a teenager. She celebrates over 25 years of music and ministry, has 12 CD’s to her credit and has been featured internationally on Christian radio and television.

   Laurel Jean contours each of her programs to fit YOUR individual needs. Her repertoire includes presentations in Word and Song for traditional and/or contemporary Worship Services, retreats, camps and other functions, as well as Concert Ministry, Christian family entertainment and dinner music. She travels across the country or just down the road, and can even bring her own piano and sound system to your event.

   Contrary to popular belief and despite her blindness, Laurel Jean is the epitome of “independence”. She frequently travels across the country to her musical and speaking engagements by plane, train, bus or car (with paid driver), accompanied only by “White Lightning”, her long, white cane. She is very active, enjoys scheduling her own travel itinerary and knows how to get the best travel value per dollar. Folks often attend her concerts to see how someone who has been blind since birth can possibly be so musically and spiritually gifted. But when they experience how God has graced her with such an inner sense of vision, they soon forget about her blindness and join her in praising God for the gifts He has given her.

   In 2008, Laurel Jean founded a unique Chaplaincy for Blind Youth, which hosted its first Vacation Bible School in July of 2009, leading one blind youth to Salvation and bringing many others closer to God. Laurel Jean’s ministry also helps provide financial sponsorship for several producers of Christian material in Braille, large print and audio formats on behalf of the blindness community worldwide. She has been instrumental in the placement of talking Bibles both nationally and internationally with people who are blind, who have physical challenges or who are learning/reading impaired. Recently, Laurel was also contracted and certified by the South Carolina Conference of United Methodist Women to assist in the education of clergy and laity on “The Church And People With Disabilities.” Her service as a Christian advocate on behalf of those who are “differently able” extends throughout the body of Christ to people of all denominations, on all walks of life.

   Laurel Jean has been certified as a Braille Proofreader by the U.S. Library of Congress. She also serves as Secretary/Treasurer of Dixie Land Guide Dog Users, Inc., assisting the Dixie Land Guide Team in event planning, offering sensitivity and awareness workshops and maintaining their website (which she created). In 2012, Laurel partnered with Dixie Land Guide Dog Users, Lutheran Braille Workers and Calvary Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC to establish The Friends of Bar-Timaeus Christian outreach for the Blind. This unique outreach, the only one of its kind in Charleston, SC, offers monthly meetings including a hot meal, prayer time, devotions, music and fellowship for the blind and visually impaired living in the greater Charleston area.

   A certified United Methodist Lay Servant, Laurel Jean is proud to be an active member of her home church, Grace United Methodist Church, Charleston, SC. In addition to offering special music for her home congregation, she occasionally serves as guest accompanist for the Grace Church Choir as well as various youth ensembles. She has even used her computer to print out her original music so that the choir could sing with her. She has danced with Grace's Interpretive Dance Team, served as a narrator and acted in Grace's Christian dramatic presentations, led Worship, helped serve Communion, and has even been known to assist with meal preparation for church fellowship events.

   You can stay in touch with Laurel Jean by subscribing to her Email Newsletter, following her on Twitter or reading her blog. Feel welcome to contact Laurel Jean personally with prayer requests, to learn more about her music and ministry, or to discuss scheduling one of her presentations.

Philippians 4:13: "I can do all this through Him Who gives me strength."

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